Monday, July 28, 2014

Lace Up!

This week has been a rough one.  I suffered a minor heart fracture (less than a break) this past weekend.  In my former life, I would call my girlfriends over for food, movies and two of my favorite lovers, Ben & Jerry.  Why does ice cream taste so much better when reeling over a boy?  Is it the tears that give it that extra something?  I’m not sure but breakups and butter pecan go together and I’m not one to normally push against tradition.  However, this time was different because I am different.  I stuck to my good eating habits and drove right past the cupcake shop on my way to the grocery store.  There, I purchased my normal list and politely avoided the ice cream aisle just in case Ben decided to catcall.  You know what I wouldn’t do for a Klondike bar?  Go back to a size 24.  Also, can we talk about how they put the frozen vegetables across from the frozen treats?  I basically walk down the aisle sideways to avoid eye contact.  The floor plan designers of the grocery store should really be more considerate.

We’re all guilty of it girls, we use social media for revenge.  Normally, after an ego blow, I would put on my cutest outfit and hit the town with my friends.  Requesting 100s of photos to post showing how cute I am and prove he’s missing out.  Instead, I stuck to routine and woke up at 4:30 a.m., laced up my Nikes and hit the gym.  I traded my cute outfit and selfies for sweat and a cycling class.  I didn’t take shots and dance with strangers to forget his name, I used his words to fuel me to that higher RPM.  Sexy and strong is the new revenge, ladies.  Don’t do it for him, do it for yourself!

I know it’s easier said than done to pretend it doesn’t hurt but I promise a gym high is exactly the cure you need.  I wrote this on my bathroom mirror and I allow you to steal it, “Wake up, lace up and work it out because your goals don’t care that you had a bad day.”  Bad days and heartbreaks will come and go but you can’t be derailed.  If you do find yourself on a Rocky Road (get it? J), make a plan to get back on track and call your motivational buddy. 

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