Friday, August 8, 2014

Dating & Dieting

I haven’t said much yet about my dating life besides the fact that I am single and currently on (non-paying membership, btw).  The reason for the silence is that there really isn’t much to say.  When I started this in January I made the conscious decision to make 2014 the Year of Sarah and to focus on myself.  I cancelled all my online dating subscriptions and deleted my Tinder app.  I need to avoid distractions and reach my goals.  I’ve known for quite some time now that I am really attracted to guys out of my league.  As a heavy person myself it feels super superficial to state that I don’t find overweight guys attractive.  I know, I know, I’m a terrible person.  I honestly can’t help it.  This is partly why I needed to change myself.  I didn’t accept me for me so why would I expect someone else to accept me?  I would never settle for someone I wasn’t physically attracted to and I know why guys didn’t find me attractive yet still I didn’t change.  Now, I don’t want someone without any meat on their bones but I wouldn’t be in to anyone who had a BMI near what mine was.   I’m attracted to males who at least moderately exercise with a little definition.  I don’t mind that you work out every day but I definitely need you to be able to have a fat-kid day with me. 

Translation “Fat-Kid Day:” a day where one partakes in cheese fries, pretzel bites, pizza, sandwiches, Rice Krispy treats, cheeseburgers, etc. without feeling guilt or laying guilt on their partner.  The last thing I need is to make a choice to have a cheeseburger one day and for Boyfriend to ask, “Should you be eating that?”  Utter that sentence to a girl and you’ll see what wrath is.  If that doesn’t offend you as a female, call me as we need to have a chat. 

By now you’re probably wondering, “Sarah, if this is the year of you then why are you still active on”  To which I would reply, “Good question, reader, and thanks for paying attention!  That was a quick-decision attempt to get over someone.  Also, I have all these cute photos of the new me and wanted to see what the response was.”  In short, I needed an ego boost.  I was very honest on my new online dating profile and listed that I was looking for someone who was dedicated to health and fitness as I have a new lease on life.  I can’t have someone in my life who wants to eat Mexican every night and only wants to watch TV on the couch on weekends.  Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves chips and salsa and can binge watch Netflix with the best of them but these days are about moderation.  I need someone who will go kayaking down the Santa Fe River, wants to go bike riding on Gainesville’s various trails or will do experimental low-carb cooking nights with me.  Apparently, that’s too much to ask for because I can’t find anyone to fit the bill yet.  It’s really too soon anyway.  I still have a long way to go and the Year of Sarah is going strong.  I’m focused, determined and really busy right now.  I’m going to let go and just see what happens per Carrie Bradshaw. 

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