Monday, August 4, 2014

Dressing The Part

The ever-growing doesn't fit pile!
Quite honestly, the best part about weight loss is losing inches.  I’ve had so much fun over the last few months completely cleaning out my closet of items that don’t fit anymore.  I made a rule for myself: when it doesn’t fit, it goes in my spare room and will be sold at a garage sale or donated.  It’s important that you don’t play the, “Well this might fit again someday” game.  I’m never going to be the size I was again.  Period.  End of discussion.  It’s not an option.  I refuse to be that girl again.  Some of you might think that’s unrealistic but I think you’re failing yourself before having a chance.  I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl and you cannot think negatively about your FUTURE self.  You won’t fit in those clothes again, as long as you don’t allow yourself to.  If you wear a pair of pants and can take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them, they go in the pile.  I think the most honest way to see a difference in yourself is to watch the sizes on your tags decrease.  When I started, I wore a size 24W pants, 22/24W dress and 2X-3X shirt.  Now, I’m down to a size 16 (regular, not women’s!) or 14W pants, 16 dress (again, regular) and a L or XL shirt.  With a 65 lb. weight loss, I’m down about 5 sizes. 
It’s worth noting here that you cannot be defined by the size on the tag.  Every brand has a different sizing structure and every material has a different fit.  You have to try everything on and if it looks good and feels good then buy it, regardless of the little number on the back.  If that number is higher than you’d like then cut that tag off and throw it away!  I try everything on these days because fit is so important.  Sometimes, I over estimate and get something too small but I don’t let it get me down.  It will fit eventually but today is not the day.  Just stay focused on you and how far you’ve come and do not let a skirt discourage you.

This past weekend I took a girl’s weekend to the beach with my mom and her 2 friends.  We did what every other group of women would do within a 15 mile radius of an outlet mall, shopped!  I ended up in Ann Taylor LOFT and picked out 2 size 16 dresses to try on.  I was optimistic but wasn’t going to be heartbroken if they didn’t fit.  Well, dear reader, those suckers fit!  I have now marked August 2nd on my calendar as the day I was able to shop in a REGULAR store!  A few months ago I purchased some shorts in a size 18 regular from Belk but that didn’t count because they have a plus size section.  While this may be the largest size at LOFT, this lil’ lady was still excited!  All I’ve wanted my entire adult life was to be able to shop in normal stores.  I’ve played the friend who stands outside the dressing room pretending to look at accessories more times than I can even count.  It was really cute when at Buckle earlier this year and the girl asked if I wanted to try anything on.  I politely told her, “No,” to which she responded, “We have jeans for all sizes.”  I wanted to say, “Not for ALLLLLLL of this.”  She was cute and nice, though, so I just kept browsing shoes.

Side note, I will be back at Buckle and treating myself to a ridiculously expensive pair of jeans when I’m ready.  I will also go across the mall aisle to Victoria Secret and purchase a sexy, flirty bra.  Then get ready because I’m wearing ONLY those jeans and bra for at least a week straight.  I’m going to flaunt what I’ve busted ass for!
I don’t splurge on clothes these days, as much fun as it is to buy a smaller size, because I know that I still have more I want to lose.  I only buy what’s necessary and it has to be on sale.  I’ve been a regular at Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.  I stick to dresses because they’re easier to wear when a bit baggy as you can add a belt or a buttoned sweater.  Also, it’s best to stick with versatile pieces like black or grey work pants vs. white or khaki as the black and grey can be worn with more top options and people are less likely to notice a repeat in a week’s time.  Use your closet as a resource, too.  Everyone at work these days has been complimenting me on all my new clothes.  Little do they know these clothes just haven’t fit in 5 years and aren’t new at all.  One of the best feelings in the world is fitting into something you haven’t worn in ages and it’s an EVEN better feeling when that stuff is too big!

You know that saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?”  A few months ago I would have scoffed that the speaker has obviously never had a red velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake.  I’ve recently had one of these cupcakes and it was damn good (FYI these are my favorite cupcake flavor and baker) but fitting into that dress in the LOFT dressing room felt so much better.  The thing is, food isn’t going anywhere.  With the exception of the recent Twinkie scare, food will always be there for you to eat again.  French fries aren’t going to stop being made, ingredients for a cake will always be available for baking and no one will lose the recipe for chicken parmigiana.  You can and will eat your favorite foods again, just in a different capacity.  However, the high and elation that comes from looking good and FEELING good is unparalleled.  You may think I’m crazy but I dare you to find out.

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