Friday, August 22, 2014

Man Down

It’s Fridayyyyyyy!  To start your weekend off right, I thought I would begin today’s entry with a laugh.  I fell at the gym today.  I’m talking the tumble down, on my butt in front of everyone type of fall.  Go ahead, I allow you to chuckle.  I know that I uncontrollably laugh whenever I see someone fall down, especially little kids.  I can’t help it!  As someone who falls OFTEN, I think it’s my way of empathizing with them.  I was doing lunges, alternating legs with each rep, and when I pushed up to pull my left leg in, my right quad cramped up and couldn't stabilize my body back to standing position.  My options were to fall sideways into the bench next to me or to fall backwards on my butt.  I chose butt and was sitting in the middle of the gym among the weight rack and benches.  My friend, Alexa, didn't even realize it for a few seconds and when she saw that I had gone down, she said, “What are you doing?”  At this point, I’m laughing and embarrassed so it took a few seconds to stand up.  I’m hoping all the guys next to us were too engrossed in their own reflections to notice in the mirrors that Sarah took a tumble.  I lost count and decided that my quad couldn't take anymore lunges so that was my last rep.  It’s worth noting that this was my second leg day of the week and Tuesday’s routine was brutal. 

Super set #1: 12 lunges, each leg, no weights x3 sets.  20 standard squats, no weights x3 sets
Super set #2: 180 lb. leg press, 8 reps x3 sets.  180 lb. calf raises, 20 reps x3 sets.
Super set #3: 10 Bulgarian lunges w/ 20 lb. weight, x3 sets.  12 one-leg dead lifts w/ 20 lb. weight, 12/leg x3 sets.  10 plié squats w/ 20 lb. weight, x3 sets.

Needless to say, I was limping around on Wednesday and Thursday.  I shouldn’t have done legs again today as my muscles haven’t recovered from Tuesday but I couldn’t go to spin class because there was a substitute instructor and I’m picky.  I’ve actually sustained a few injuries the past weeks and I’m an AVID stretcher!  I’m going to invest in a foam roller this weekend so I can start rolling at home because it really seems to help work out the knots.

I called my mom to tell her about my fall and her first response wasn't, “Are you okay?”  No, that would be normal, instead she asked, “Was it because you were staring at a cute boy?”  To which I had to respond, “No, mom, he wasn't there today but excellent guess.”  Woman seriously knows me better than anyone.

Moral of the story, friends, is that stretching and recovery are really #1 in injury prevention.  Without these, you could end up on your ass.


Unknown said...

This made me smile! You falling... Some things never change! :)

Unknown said...

I'm all about consistency! I will probably be falling all my life. :)