Sunday, August 24, 2014

Poor 'dillo

I promise I'm cute IRL
It’s Sunday, wahhhhhh.  As I was foam rolling this morning and there was nothing worth watching in my DVR, I decided to go for a run…outside.  It hadn’t started raining yet and getting some fresh air and vitamin D were appealing to me.  Well, the good news is that I survived to tell about it.  I honestly have so much more respect for people who run outdoors.  Good-ness that wasn’t very fun.  I headed out the door a little before 10 a.m. hoping to beat some of today’s heat.  For those of you reading from Poland—that’s right, I saw you on my Blogger dashboard!—it’s hot as hell in Florida in August.  My iPhone was reporting that it was 84 degrees already.  If you’ve been paying attention, you know I’m a sweater and today I was melting like a Popsicle.  Please see photo evidence and note that these clothes were immediately put into the laundry and it took one cold shower and approximately 40 minutes for me to cool down.  Yes, mom, I wore sunscreen.  I do need to be a better prepared Boy Scout in the future though!  I had no app to track my speed or distance, I had no water, and I really should have worn a hat.  So there I am, trucking down 23rd Street (along the cow pastures) dripping sweat, blinded by said sweat and the sun, and praying that I don’t see any snakes.  That’s when I see him (or her) right in my path.  I HAD TO DODGE A DEAD ARMADILLO.  You know, in the gym, where sane people exercise, there are towels to catch your sweat, handy water bottle holders on all the machines, no sun, no fear of crossing a snake and the only dead things I have to see are dead lifts.  I don’t know how you people do it.  Gainesville is a very active city and you can’t drive anywhere without seeing someone walking, running or biking past you.  I saw some of these people on my run and only saw one person doing a walk of shame home from last night.  I’m disappointed, Gainesville.  It’s probably because school hasn’t started yet.

I quite honestly didn’t hate it.  It was fun to play the, “sprint to that next bus stop” game.  I’ve already downloaded a new tracking app so that I will have some results to look at next time.  Sometimes I don’t even know who this girl is that I’ve become.  I’m not ready to run a 5K or anything but this girl is making progress, y’all!  Seven months ago if you had told me I would someday enjoy running, I would have thrown a cupcake at you.  Who am I kidding?  I would never waste a cupcake. 

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