Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Supa Proud Wednesday

I've decided that from here forward on Wednesdays I am going to award a "Supa Proud" title to a person, place or thing that I deem myself proud of for the week.  Today, I'm nominating and automatically awarding (no votes necessary--it's my blog!) myself as the thing I am Supa Proud of this week.  Yes, supa is now a word (again, it's my blog!).  Also, if we've never met and you're unfamiliar with Sarah speak, it's pronounced soup-ah.

I nominate myself because tomorrow I am finishing out week 32 of this journey and have officially hit the 70 lbs. lost mark!  Not only have I lost the weight equivalent of a normal elementary aged kid (or so I've recently learned) but I've lost 10 points off my BMI, 13 inches off my waist and I haven't fallen yet at the gym this week.  Knock on wood.  I decided it was time for a  new elapsed photo so I've included that in today's post.  The left is from March 23rd, or week 10, and I weighed 260.8 lbs. and had lost 30.2 lbs.  The right is from today, August 27th.  This is photo evidence of 40 lbs., y'all!  Yes, I realize that today is Wednesday and I didn't wear pink.  

Thank you, again and again, for reading!  Get excited for a post coming at you this weekend about how I'm going to survive football season and reach for my goals instead of reaching for nachos and beer.

Go Gators!

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