Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Buddy System

As mentioned earlier, this past weekend I had a girl’s getaway with my mom and some friends.  Coincidentally, we are all dieting.  I know not everyone likes that word but it’s the best to describe what it is.  Okay, okay, we’re all focused on eating right and exercising, happy?  It’s so funny that at this juncture I know so many people who are focusing on this right now.  It was extremely encouraging to be around them and have their support the last 3 days.  I am so incredibly proud of these women and blessed to call them my friends.  They get me.  We’ve all had different journeys but at the root of it is a struggle with food addiction.  It’s so important to have people around you that are supportive and understanding of your new lifestyle.  You can’t have that friend who tells you that you can eat one donut and it won’t kill you.  While she’s right, you probably won’t die today, she’s also a bitch.  She’s a detriment to you and isn’t a good friend.  She should be saying, “Screw that donut.  It probably tastes like shit anyway.”  A good friend wouldn’t let you sabotage any hard work you’ve put in.  I also want all you friends out there to know that my choices are not a reflection of you.  This past Friday I had lunch with Aly and I wanted a cookie, bad.  I had decided a few days earlier that I needed to just eat a treat and get it out of the way so it was off my brain.  After lunch, we headed to Mrs. Fields and I had 2 cookies.  These were pre-meditated cookies.  While walking to the car Aly said, “I feel bad like I’m helping you cheat.”  My response, “Aly, this cookie was thought about for the last 48 hours.  I made the conscious decision to eat these cookies and enjoy them for their buttery goodness.  My CHOICE today is not a reflection of or an influence by you.  I ate the cookies and it’s over.”  For the record, I busted my ass the last week to earn those cookies.  It’s okay to have a treat every now and again.  It’s not okay to get 6 cookies (plus the 2 free on special) and eat them all in your car on the way home.  But if you didn’t read this in time and are wiping crumbs from your face, just make an effort to do better tomorrow.  This really is one day at a time and sometimes we fall short.  We can’t be perfect all the time but we can be better than we were yesterday.

I encourage all of you to have at least one motivational buddy who can help you along the way.  I have MANY motivational buddies.  They are the ones I call on when I fall off the wagon and they are the ones who high five me when I meet a goal.  I could not do this without them as sometimes you just need someone to talk to.  I wholeheartedly believe, however, that you MUST be your own cheerleader before anyone else.  You can’t begin a life change without believing in yourself first.  Once you have yourself convinced you can do it, the rest of the world will be easy.  If you find yourself without anyone to lean on, e-mail me.  I will pay forward the multitude of support I have received from my friends to you.

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