Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All About That Bass

I joined a few friends in a squat challenge this month, which I have deemed Squat Away September, because, well, no one likes a flat ass. It hasn’t been as bad as it sounds. Last Thursday was the most we’ve had to do in 1 day at 120. I try to complete them in increments of 15 or 20 to make life easier. On the 120 day, I got home from work and hadn’t done any yet so I busted out 40 while dinner was in the oven. After that, I completely got wrapped up in Teen Mom 2 and playing Sudoku. At 9 p.m. I realized I still had 80 squats left. Nightmare. I cranked out 20 then brushed my teeth. I did another 20 and washed my face. At this point, I’m sweating (shocker!). I did another 20 and laid out my gym clothes for the next morning then I completed my last set of 20 before putting in my retainers. You’re welcome, mom. Completing 80 squats in about a 10 minute time frame was ROUGH but I DID IT!!

I’m a huge proponent of squats and lunges as I can attest to the results they have on your lower body. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my booty and my legs because of my diligence to these two exercise moves. We’ll see what tune I’m singing at the end of the month as the last day has me scheduled to complete 175 squats. I’ve also noticed a huge gain in my leg strength this month. Comparing my leg workouts to last month, I’ve increased weights, reps and quantity of exercises. Another applause worthy moment for me, and to anyone who has ever been fat, is that I can stand up from sitting on the floor without using my hands. Crazy, I know. Something that seems so simple to you skinny people is really hard for a fatty. I no longer have to push off the ground or off my knee with my hand. I can also stand up out of chairs without having to push back off the couch or pull up on my desk. And I can walk up a flight of stairs without pulling myself up on the handrail. It’s the little things. I also made the conscious decision that any squat done as part of the challenge is above and beyond my regular squats on leg day. This won’t be a problem until the last day, 175!!, as it lands on a Tuesday, which is my leg day. My hammies are tight at the thought. Looking ahead, I plan to do an ab challenge in October and a lunge challenge in November. I’ll be sure to post about it before the month starts so you, my lovely readers, can join in, too!

My Supa Proud award this week is going to anyone who has ever used a Smith machine. For those of you who don’t know what this is or do know but don’t know its name, it’s the machine that has the barbell attached to the uprights to help you squat lower. You can also use it for chest presses, shoulder presses, dead lifts, etc. I used to loathe the Smith because it hurt so badly but that’s because I was lifting too heavy for what my body could handle. I stopped using the Smith all together and focused on my squat form with body weight only. Then, I made it back to the Smith and started out with low weights and have gradually worked my way up to heavier. Maybe I’m a baby, but I think the Smith is a difficult piece of machinery so I am supa proud of anyone who has attempted it and used it successfully!

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