Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Think It Has Crack In It

I'm currently blogging poolside in sunny Miami! Life is hard. At approximately 5 p.m. Thursday, I was invited on a work retreat to Miami to depart 10 a.m. Friday. I was hesitant to come on the trip due to the food temptations I would face. Travel of any kind can severely throw me out of routine and I can't afford any unplanned setbacks. So here I am, walking among scantily clad girls in bikinis or less, and I decide it's a great time to write more about food. I've had some excellent food finds lately and I always feel the need to share with you, dear reader.

First, let's talk yogurt. I know that I've mentioned before of my hatred of yogurt but I have found a flavor I could, honestly, eat by the trough full.  It's a brand I found at Target called Simply Balanced and it's the Greek yogurt key lime and cream flavor. Good gracious it's delicious! It doesn't have that sour spoiled milk taste that yogurt often has, to me. It's thick and creamy and the container is small, which makes it perfect to me. The sugar count is a little high at 9g but carbs are moderate at 10g. I'm okay at forgiving the higher sugar because it's only 100 calories and I've been reading about how good yogurt is for your body and helping cut down belly fat.  If that is true, I need to eat a lot of yogurt, y'all! 

My second amazing find is Jif Whips with pumpkin pie spice. I know what you're thinking, "Pumpkin pie flavored peanut butter? Gross!" You would be oh so wrong. This peanut butter for real has crack in it. I'm convinced. I eat it by the spoonful. It's also delicious on apple slices. I bought a jar for my BFF and my mom and they're both in love. I am also loving this whipped pb texture. Nutrition facts on this gem is comparable to peanut butter so it has high fat but low carbs. I definitely plan on exploring other flavors (s'mores!).  I found the pumpkin pie flavor at Target and cannot ever find it in my normal grocery store.

My final great find of the week was Justin's vanilla almond butter. I've read a lot lately about different nut butters and two friends told me that they weren't fans of the almond butters.  After some research, I read from many that Justin's is the best. It also offers tiny packets that I found at Target that are less than $1. They were out of the regular but did have vanilla or maple flavors so I grabbed the vanilla. Holy moly it's good! For dessert one night, I sliced a peach, drizzled on 1/2 a packet of almond butter and topped with whipped cream. I die. It tastes a little like almond milk but is sweeter and spreadable. This flavor is a little high in sugar because of the vanilla but it is well worth it if you're having a sweet craving. Sugar count is 7g and carbs at 12g for the whole packet, which is 2 tbsp. I always used 1/2 the packet at a time. This would be delicious on most fruits! 

Those of you who I am Facebook or IG friends with we're promised a full review of the Krush bars I posted a few weeks ago. I found these bars from a friend by someone who posted about them on Instagram because they just released a new mint chocolate chip flavor. I purchased a box of 12 bars with a mix of all their flavors for $30. You can buy them on Amazon or through the brand's Web site here.  Flavors are: birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, baked apple pie, peanut butter chocolate crunch, French toast and raw cookie dough. The best flavor was definitely the mint choco chip. I was really disappointed in the birthday cake because it didn't taste anything like vanilla or cake batter. All of the bars have peanut butter in them so to me they all taste like peanut butter. You get a hint of the other flavors but not enough.  The only exception was the mint chip bar. It tasted mostly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I do really like the texture of these bars as they are softer and less chewy than Quest bars. I definitely prefer Quest bars over the Krush bars but Krush bars are locally made in Florida and I like to support local businesses. Don't get me wrong, the bars do taste good but they primarily taste like peanut butter protein bars.

Pumpkin pie spice Oreos are in at my Target and I checked the facts today.  Two cookies are 20g of carbs and I couldn't bear to look at the sugars after that shock.  I, proudly, didn't purchase them because I am feeling weak today.  I will diligently keep you updated on my awesome food finds!  Happy snacking! 

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