Friday, September 5, 2014

What Not to Say

This week I accomplished 3 pretty amazing things: I ran a 9:40 mile (yes, without stopping), I held a plank for 1 minute and I worked out on a holiday. As I challenge myself to something new every week, I’m growing increasingly intolerant of people telling me they can’t do things. Listen, I used to be the poster child for statements like, “I can’t,” “I could never,” or “I would die before doing ____.” Thinking you can’t do something is 99% of your problem. I used to tell people I would die without a diet coke every day. Well look at me all living and shit. I never thought I would be able to change my eating the way I have or wake up early nearly every day to work out. In the beginning of this journey, life was hard. On day 23 of my diet came a huge road block, my first wedding of the year. This wasn’t just any wedding. There were several home-brewed beer stations courtesy of bride and groom, soft-baked pretzel appetizers, and a mac ‘n’ cheese bar! I stood firm and didn’t eat or drink any of it. I also didn’t have any cake. Who goes to a wedding and doesn’t eat cake? Crazy people. Twenty four days prior to this wedding I probably would have told you something along the lines of, “I could never attend a wedding and not have cake.” I really get a thrill when I prove Old Sarah wrong.

When people ask me what I’ve been doing to lose my weight and I explain, they usually follow it up with something about them not being able to give up their favorite thing or eat a low-carb life. I know that this isn’t for everyone and I would never push any of my methods onto anyone. This life is what works for me and it’s not permanent. But please do not follow up your “I can’t” with complaining to me about how you can’t lose weight. If something means a lot to you then you’ll find a way to make it work. Losing weight means A LOT to me and I have sacrificed plenty to get what I want. You will not get any sympathy from this girl if you’re not willing to overcome yourself.

My second favorite statement of the year is, “Well just don’t gain it back.” Thank you, asshole, I had every intention of busting tail for a year to just gorge on pizza and cupcakes to gain it back next year. I am not the person who walks up to everyone I meet and tell them my story. I am prompted, at least weekly, about my weight loss and how I’ve been able to do it. It’s flattering and I sincerely am thankful for people congratulating me or noticing my shrinking frame. But to follow that up with your own weight loss story and tell me that you gained it all back plus more is not what I need to hear. I’m very aware that this is a possibility for me because I can’t predict the future but I refuse to assume that this Sarah will fail. I’ve already played the part of the girl who loses weight and gains it back. I’m tired and it’s boring. I want to be the girl who finally overcame herself and her habits and maintained all the promises she made. I give you all full permission to tell me if my jeans look like they’re getting a little snug. I will not get offended and will thank you for snapping me back to reality.

I apologize that today’s post was rant filled but I just had to get if off my chest. I am always supportive of people and willing to listen if they need. I will match anyone’s “I cants” with “You cans” but they must understand that they have to be willing to try. I will never tolerate anyone sabotaging themselves or filling their head with negative talk. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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