Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is a Cough Drop a Carb?

I thought drinking and dieting was hard but being sick and attempting to stay on track is rough. It all started last Wednesday as a slight discomfort in the back of my throat. Armed with hand sanitizer, tissues and Mucinex, I braved the elements and tried not to succumb to the germs. By Saturday, I’d reached full blown plague status. I don’t know about you but all I want when I’m sick is comfort food. The only thing that sounds appetizing is my momma’s chicken and dumplings. Thankfully, momma lives 2 hours away (y’all know she’d drive some up to me if I asked nicely because she’s the best). Dumplings aren’t exactly on my eating plan and, normally, I would forgive a day in the name of sickness but this girl has goals to meet.

I took Sunday to rest and only left the house to get more meds. Here’s a not so fun fact- cough drops have 6g carbs and 5g sugars for just 2 measly drops! What the heck?! The first ingredient is sugar on all the brands I looked at. Is this real life? Help a trying-to-get-fit girl out. Purchasing the sugar-free drops were not even on my radar as they’re rumored to give you other issues. If you’ve ever read the reviews on Amazon for the Haribo sugar-free gummy bears, you know what I’m talking about! Gross. I skipped spin class on Monday morning because I really needed the extra 2 hours of sleep. I hated not going but I didn’t want to push myself. There’s also a courtesy of trying to not infect those around you that, obviously, someone didn’t pay to me. I hit the gym yesterday for leg day Tuesday because I couldn’t stand to be out of the gym for 4 days in a row. I made sure to wipe down anything I touched with sanitizer. My balance was severely off, and since I’m prone to falling, I cut the leg work short and just walked on the treadmill. I’m also 3 days behind on my Ab-tastic October Challenge because I’ve been too exhausted. This challenge is a difficult one but I’m definitely feeling results! I won’t get any more of the “rest” days of the calendar because I’ve used them up.

I’m praying for some relief by the end of today because ain’t nobody got time for this. I need to be at full strength because tomorrow marks 40 weeks completed of this journey, which means 6 more weeks until goal. Holy shit. It’s insane to think that I could have grown a human at this point. Instead, I chose to lose 80 pounds.

I posted this picture to IG and Facebook on Tuesday in honor of #transformationtuesday. This week, I’m Supa Proud and SO overwhelmed by everyone’s encouragement and support. Your amazing comments and messages mean the absolute world to me! It would be incredibly difficult to keep going without amazing friends and family like you guys! The photo on the left was taken October 25, 2013 at a friend’s wedding. I despised the way I looked in every picture we took at this event. Looking back, I don’t remember being that girl. The photo on the right was taken on October 20, 2014 while I was organizing my clothes for a garage sale this weekend. My mom reminded me of the photos from that wedding a few months ago. When I saw myself, I had a look of disgust on my face. She promptly yelled at me and said that I was beautiful then and am beautiful now. I know she’s right but LIFE is more beautiful now.

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