Friday, October 3, 2014

It's October 3rd

Happy Mean Girls Day!  I would like to apologize to everyone that attended the 6 a.m. spin class today at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center. Yes, that smell was me. Here’s a tip from this pale girl to you, don’t ever use self-tanner if you plan on sweating a lot. I made the horrible mistake of using self-tanner yesterday in order to start building a base for my friend’s upcoming wedding. However, I’m back at the start because I, essentially, sweated off any color I managed to get. If any of you have ever used self-tanning products, you know the smell that accompanies it. While most products try to mask it, it still has the same chemical odor lingering on your skin. It took me about 3 minutes to realize that the smell attacking me while I pedaled uphill this morning was me. My light pink towel now has an orange tinge. This is so disgusting. I wholeheartedly apologize and promise that I will remain a ghost to spare those around me the stench. It honestly works out for the best because self-tanners just never look quite right.

In less than a week I will be ‘Bama bound to attend the wedding of my (former) #1 single friend, Jen. I played a risky little game with my bridesmaid’s dress and, now that it fits I can reveal, it was a size too small at the time of purchase. Since my weight loss has naturally and obviously tapered off in the last few months I was extremely nervous about getting into this dress. My hard work paid off and I got the dress to zip up about a month ago. Since then, I’ve been diligently working on getting to where I can breathe in it. Success! I plan on taking a break the day of the wedding and eating whatever I want, which will still be limited because there isn’t THAT much room in the dress. Starting this Sunday, I’ll be going to a HEAVILY protein diet while limiting all other food and drinking only plain water. No artificial sweeteners and no dairy. Go ahead, say what you want about it, but it’s my plan and I’m sticking to it. In this dress, I will publicly be in the least amount of clothing I’ve worn in a while with the exception of a bathing suit. I’m usually very uncomfortable with my arms exposed and this dress exposes those and my whole upper back. I chose this dress style and I’m hoping it highlights what I’ve worked so hard for over the last 9 months. You also know this means another transformation photo will be coming at you! Get excited.

Happy weekend to all! I’ve got a date with a loofah and some lemon scrub.

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