Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sweat Bombed

I selfishly ate cake on Friday night while at dinner for a friend’s birthday. I was so mad at myself over this cake that my punishment was going to spin class on Saturday morning when I really could have used the time to sleep in. I’m so glad I got up because it was, honestly, one of the best classes I’ve been to in a while. What made this class so much better than the nearly identical ones I go to every other time? The A/C was out. Not only did I probably sweat off that cake but also the filet mignon and piece of bread with garlic butter that accompanied it. Holy moly, it was HOT in that spin room! Imagine nearly 45 people all working up a giant sweat with no air conditioning. The floor had a pool accumulating beneath all the bikes. It’s so gross I could throw up at the thought. I had to stop looking at the man next to me who was melting onto the floor below us because it was making me gag, and that is coming from someone who sweats a lot herself! After class, I peeled myself off of my bike and walked over to the gym wipes and grabbed 3. That’s when it happened, on my way back to my row, the man riding next to me sweat bombed my bike.

Listen, I appreciate a funny photobomb just as much as the next guy. I also look forward to the day that I am able to glitter bomb someone or be glitter bombed myself, frankly. This sweat bomb is not something to laugh at and should be a punishable offense. I keep my handlebars sweat free, with the help of my towel, on my bike because otherwise your hands can slip and it can be very dangerous. This man next to me, while stretching out his quads, put his sweaty arm all over my bike. I died. Now, I not only have to clean my own sweat off my machine but I have to wipe yours off, too? You, sir, are gross. I stared at this huge, drippy, glistening mark for half a minute pondering what to do. I thought, maybe he’ll reach over and wipe it off. Wrong. He went about his day and let me wipe down his faux pas. I’m not disgusted by the fact that he was sweating, obviously, as that would be quite hypocritical of me. Everyone leaving the class looked like they had showered with clothes on. I’m offended that he left his mark on my bike and didn’t have the courtesy to clean it.

I am happy to report that I reached the 79 lb. mark! I hit it on Monday and have kept it a secret all week until today. That is 4 lbs. ahead of goal and why I am awarding myself the Supa Proud award today. I’ve been busting out in the gym and really focusing on food (minus the aforementioned cake and bread). I for real couldn’t do it without everyone’s love, support, and recent Facebook photo likes and comments. I've been feeling really good this last week and bought my very first pair of regular size Levi's over the weekend.  Strutting around my apartment in them, I was inspired to put on an old pair of shorts.  I wore these shorts just a mere 9 months ago and now I can fit both legs into one side. Sometimes, you just need to put into perspective how far you've come.

I am ‘Bama bound tomorrow to see my friends get hitched and I am publicly promising that I will not blow this weekend out. I’ve packed gym clothes and sneakers and plan to only take Saturday to enjoy carbs/sugar. My ass will be back on that spin bike Monday morning at 5 a.m. praying the sweat bomber slept in.

Happy weekend, y’all!


Unknown said...

You are too much! I could gag at the thought of that senseless sweat bomber, congrats on keeping your cool (even if in your head you were screaming). And may I just say that the above photos are incredible!! You look so stinkin cute! Way to go!! Love you as always ��

Unknown said...

Thank you, darling! Love you mostest!