Monday, November 24, 2014

Splurge Saturday

I have to start today with an embarrassing moment that wasn’t embarrassing at all and was extremely humbling.  On Friday, during spin class, my instructor starts off class with, “Whenever I hear about success stories, I love sharing them with you guys.  I hope I’m not embarrassing her but Sarah, up here in the front raise your hand.  Sarah has lost 80 lbs.”  This was followed up with applause and cheers and me grinning from ear to ear.  Several people came up to me after class to congratulate me and I was beyond grateful.  There was this one lady who is in her upper 70s and recently completed a marathon.  She was telling me how great I looked and how she’d noticed how much work I’ve been putting in.  Me great?  Ma’am, I want to be YOU one day.  She’s in the gym every morning and RAN A MARATHON.  Regardless of her age, that’s still awesome.  You can’t have a bad day when it starts with such encouragement.  It was exactly what I needed to reassure myself that it’s about how far you’ve come not how far you have left to go.

With December right around the corner, I have decided to implement Splurge Saturday.  I made a list of all the foods I want to eat.  Some are a singular food and others are a meal.  I’m hoping that if I have something to look forward to, I will stay better on track during the week.  This list made me realize that I haven’t had pizza since June 30th.  Yep, I know the exact date because it was the last day I was in NYC after my 2 trips there this summer.  It’s amazing the foods you want when you haven’t had them in so long.  I’m not sure why so many of them involve bananas or fast food.  A few items have been crossed off because I had them between when I made the list and today.  I only get ONE item per Saturday.  I might need another New York trip soon to get a pistachio muffin and a bagel with butter, which would require being there for 2 Saturdays, darn!  I could extend it to 3 weeks so I could have pizza, too.  Thank God they built a Shake Shack in Orlando, otherwise I'd need to move to NYC.  Also, cupcakes didn’t make this list because they’re a DUH with my birthday approaching.  The holidays, my birthday and a Savannah mini-vacation with friends are all challenges on my horizon.  Consistency in the gym and moderation are going to be my besties these next 6 weeks.  Stay tuned.

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