Monday, November 17, 2014

Wobble Wobble if I Gobble Gobble

Before I get to today’s post, I have to give a HUGE thank you to the random stranger at the gym who made me cry on Friday.  I was on my spin bike warming up before class started and a woman approached me to tell me how great I look.  She said that my transformation is tremendous and she noticed when I was running on the treadmill the other day how much weight I had lost.  I couldn’t say thank you enough.  When she walked away, I started tearing up.  This person, who I’ve never met before, who doesn’t even know my name, not only noticed that I’d lost weight but took the time to compliment me.  It seriously made my day and, quite possibly, my year.  I wanted to find her after class to thank her again but she left before we cooled down.  I know she doesn’t read my blog but THANK YOU, lady on bike #6.  You make me want to be a better person because you complimented a complete stranger on something that she struggles with every day.

The great debate plaguing me lately is whether to attend Thanksgiving dinner or not.  Every year, we go to my mom’s Aunt’s house down in Vero Beach.  I love Thanksgiving.  It’s about family, football and FOOD, hence, my aversion to participating.  What is Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes, corn casserole, stuffing, crescent rolls, green bean casserole (my personal fave), gravy, pumpkin pie or apple pie?  Turkey.  It’s basically just eating the turkey.  Sure, I can eat my turkey with a salad and plain veggies and make my own dessert to bring but the challenge is being around all that food.  I could just take the day off and, mildly, enjoy some of my holiday favorites, however, my goal day is exactly 1 week from Turkey Day.  I need every point I can earn leading up to that day.  I’ve entertained other alternatives to celebrating the day like staying in Gainesville at my apartment for a movie-fest day or taking a mini-vacation somewhere but being solo on a holiday just sounded sad.

With 100 percent certainty I can tell you what I will miss the most about Thanksgiving is leftover turkey sandwiches.  The soft, fluffy white bread with just mayo and turkey is my absolute FAVE!  I die at the thought.  I will simply have to focus on all of the shopping that I plan on doing on Black Friday.  Yep, I’m that person.  I will be out with my shopping buddy, Aly, early in the a.m. to snag some great deals.  This girl has a winter wardrobe to rebuild, y’all.  So, when the carb-tastic food is being passed under my nose, I will be dreaming of the skinny jeans, leggings and sweaters that will soon fill my closet.  Hopefully, it will be enough for me to resist!

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