Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dollar for Your Sweat

Thank you Pinterest for all of your crafting, fitness, eating, drinking, clothing, party planning and SO much more glory!  After seeing a pin recently for a reward system, I have decided that for every work out I do I am going to pay myself $1.  This way, I reward myself with something wearable or a vacation instead of food.  I also decided that I am going to retroactively pony up for my work outs from this whole year.  As of yesterday, I owe myself $165.  With the holidays and my birthday coming up, this seems like a crazy time to start allocating funds to this cause but I really feel like I have earned every penny.  Why can’t I reward myself for all of my hard work this past year?  That’s right, I CAN!  I can’t decide when I’ll cash in though.  I was very good to myself, and momma was EVEN better to me, on Black Friday and with the Christmas tree project so there’s nothing I really NEED right now.  I think I’ll keep saving my earnings and work out toward a cruise in the spring, which will require a whole new wardrobe, again.  If anyone would like to join, I’m currently recruiting friends to bid bon voyage with me.

SUPA PROUD time!  This week, I’m supa proud of my Papadopolous for tomorrow he crosses off his last day of work and enters RETIREMENT!  Congratulations, Dad!  We’ll be poppin’ bottles to celebrate over Christmas when I next see you.  Now seems like a good time to explain the whole Papadopolous thing.  We took a family vacation to celebrate momma’s retirement in June 2013 to Italy, Greece and Croatia.  Upon landing in Venice, I started calling dad Papadopolous.  I vaguely remember it being the name of a company or something I saw on a sign but it immediately stuck.  We debated over the spelling but I think we have a good thing here and there’s no going back now.

Tomorrow, as many of you know is D-day.  December 4th was when I set to lose 92 lbs. by.  I haven’t shared my actual weight in a few weeks to keep you in suspense.  I already know the outcome and of course there will be a post about it on Friday.  See you then!


Proud Papadopolous said...

I'm honored to get a supa proud award! Now I can retire. I eagerly await your Friday post but to me the number is secondary to the actual accomplishment. I see the results! You're amazing!

Unknown said...

Congrats to him on retiring!! Also, can't wait to read your post friday! I have full faith in you!!

Unknown said...

You the best, Pops!