Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Tree in all her glory!
Happy December, friends! I can’t believe that my favorite month is finally here. For obvious reasons, my birthday and Christmas, December is by far the best. The weather, the holidays, the time with friends and family, and the cupcakes make it #1 out of all 12. I have decided not to do a challenge this month because it’s really difficult to fit in extra work when I’m travelling and so busy. This month has so many events on the books that I’m just asking myself to get behind. I will get back at it with January, I promise. I’m still 4 days away from finishing my squat challenge as Thanksgiving really threw me off. Dang, Turkey. I had to quit the plank portion of my challenge this month because it was causing serious issues with my lower back. To avoid injury, I bowed out. Forgive me, please!

With the holiday season upon us and life being about choosing happy, I decided that it was time for a real Christmas tree. I love Christmas trees and always have. Sitting in a dark room with the lights a glow is one of my favorite parts about the holiday. Usually, I put up my tiny table-top PINK tree with colorful ornaments. This year, I wanted to have an adult tree and also wanted it to be my first LIVE tree. As a kid, we always had a fake tree and I’ve never known any different. What better year than this to start something new? I loaded up on ornaments, purchased a stand, finally found a skirt and headed out to find the perfect tree. Those who know me know that I am extremely indecisive, so there I am, dancing around the tent set up in the Lowe’s parking lot looking for a tree. I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m lifting trees up, examining them, judging them and panicking. After about 20 minutes, I find what I believe is the perfect 6-7 ft. Frasier fur and drag it to the check out. After my tree has a fresh cut and is wrapped up, I haul it to my Jeep. Sane people would put it on top of the car but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it up there on my own. Mind you, I did a massive shoulder workout about 4 hours before this. BIG mistake. I put the tree in the trunk and headed home. I carry the tree inside and set it up in the stand ALL BY MYSELF!! I’m covered in sap, dripping sweat and wondering, “When does this get fun?” After nearly 28 years on Earth, I finally know why husbands and boyfriends are needed. This was a lot of work alone and Oliver was no help at all. I wanted to rewind and go back to before I purchased the tree and just get one in a box with pre-strung lights!

After an additional ornament run and a few glitter explosions, the tree is complete! I absolutely love it and it smells like Christmas in my house. I think my favorite part about having a real tree is that it isn’t perfect. Its limbs weren’t designed in some factory to be level and even among the tree. The tree has a bare spot and a slightly crooked top but that’s what gives it character. I accept my gorgeous tree for its flaws and sat in awe at what I had accomplished. It may seem like no big deal to some but I’m proud of myself for taking on something and not giving up when it seemed too hard. I wish this tree would last forever because it matches my living room so well! The girliest of trees with glitter, pink and gold ornaments to match my hot pink couch.

Your takeaway from today’s post: do even the smallest of things if they make you happy, love imperfections, and with enough determination and endless glitter I could probably rule the world!

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