Friday, January 16, 2015

525,600 Minutes

You Broadway (and later, movie) nerds will inevitably burst into song reading today's blog title, which is courtesy of the musical RENT. It's been 525,600 minutes since I last weighed 291 lbs. On January 16, 2014, I took the bravest of steps and admitted I had a problem with food. I acknowledged and accepted my flaw and sought help to overcome the obstacle that was at the forefront of my life. You know the story, I made the appointment, had a consultation, and lived the most embarrassing and empowering moment of my life in seeing that high number on the scale below my feet.  I cannot communicate into words the importance that decision has made on my life.

The iconic ballad in RENT then asks, "How will you measure a year?" No, the answer isn't 365 days, 52 weeks or 12 months. The answer, dear friends, is in the details of life.  It's fair to say my last year will be measured by numbers: 84 lbs. lost, 62 overall inches gone, 6 sizes dropped and 191 gym sessions.  But beyond the scale and figures, I will measure the last year in moments, victories and milestones. My past 525,600 minutes were filled with laughter, tears, sweat, cravings, defeat, celebrations, cupcakes, miles and a whole lot of happiness.  This past year has been the GREATEST year of my life. Wanna know the funny part? It was still filled with the bad shit that every year carries. I got my heart broken, the Gators had a terrible football season, I didn’t make my goal, friendships faded, work was stressful, I have friends and family with health issues and personal struggles, and there were a ton of unexpected disappointments, but through all of it I accomplished something I’ve never been able to before. I was actually successful at losing weight! Losing weight will trump any negative parts the year sent my way. I gave myself completely to this mission and dedicate every day to it. I went ALL IN and put faith in myself.  

I understand many of you won’t get it and some even think that losing weight isn’t a huge deal. Quite the contrary. I feel like I talk in circles a lot and that’s because I really can’t describe how momentous this year has been for me. I’m a different person now but I will always remember where I have been. My outlook on life is positive, my confidence is at an all-time high and I’m happy. To any of you reading who may be struggling with weight loss, do this for yourself! I am in awe at how great life is as this girl. I know it’s hard to rationalize that losing some weight can make life so much better but IT DOES! I am eternally grateful to God (or karma, or whatever deity you pray to) for igniting the spark that jump started this second life. I am blessed with this able body and positive mind, which power me through each day. I know I’m sounding like an anti-depression commercial again but I may or may not be coming down off a gym high. Endorphins, peeps! Go get you some! As I venture into this next phase of training and my next 525,600 minutes of life as Sarah 2.0, I’m excited and optimistic. Thank you, as always, for following along with me!

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