Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Go Heavy or Go Home

The holiday season is finally over and it’s time to get this booty back into gear. I’ve been doing a ton of reflection over the last 2 weeks and have finally settled on some 2015 goals. Post to follow later this week. I survived the holidays and have maintained my weight through December. I weigh in tomorrow at the doc and will see where the month has left me. Right now, I’m sitting pretty at 206.2, which is an 84.8 lb. loss so far. I keep closing my eyes and saying a little prayer when I step on the scale each day with fear that it’s the day that the food choices catch up to me. The one consistent in my life is my ol’ reliable gym. The gym misses me and greets me with open arms when I’ve been gone for a few days. Regardless of travel, I still managed to squeeze in my workouts. I ended my Christmas vacation early in order to get back home and sweat. I finally reached the point in my life where the gym is just second nature. I don’t have to force myself to go, I don’t need any bribes and I take advantage of every minute I have to spare there. Consistently working out is the greatest gift I’ve given myself this year. It’s made me more confident, healthier and strong. I had the freedom to take a few days break and enjoy my birthday, a Savannah vacation, Christmas and New Years because of working out.

As stated before, my resolution for 2015 and an aid to my goals is to step up my game. I’ve decided that 2015 will be dedicated to strength training. I’m getting a generous offer from a close friend to help train me and start heavy lifting. I have been pre-training for this for the last few months with focused gym sessions on muscle groups and have been diligently researching. Muscle development is a huge component of burning fat, even while the body is at rest. For those of you concerned, I’m not becoming a body builder or a fitness competitor. No spray tans and glitter bikinis for this girl.  Girls thinking that weightlifting will make you bulky or manly couldn’t be more wrong because we lack enough testosterone. From the beginning, the overarching goal of this entire mission of mine has been to be fit. I’ve lost the bulk of my weight at this point and it’s time to become the fittest Belle at the barbell.  We started two days ago with the new training schedule and I was sore within hours.  I am always the first to admit when I need help and I definitely need help to get through my new strength goals.  I cannot wait to share all the details about my trainer with you because SHE'S AMAZING!  She corrected my form, diagnosed my sporadic knee pain and called me out on my horrendous posture, all within the first 5 minutes of our session.

In conjunction with the new training regimen, I’m also changing my nutrition to incorporate carbohydrates to help rebuild muscles. With the help of the My Fitness Pal app, I am now focusing on counting my macronutrients. The three macros are carbs, protein and fat. Optimal percentages for daily target are a constant debate but I have settled on a plan for myself and will go through a testing phase. Again, I’m not an expert so all of this is completely based on my research. I’ve given myself a 6-week trial period to start. Hopefully, at the end of that time, I can report positive findings!

I’m extremely excited to begin this next phase of training! Progress updates and photos will be coming soon!

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