Friday, January 30, 2015

Outside Running

I seriously can’t believe that January is over, peeps! This year is already FLYING by. As mentioned before, I am currently training for my 10K, which is February 28th so I have exactly 1 more month to get my act together. I did a practice 10K in the gym on a treadmill a few weeks ago and was able to alternate walking and running with a time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. I’ve been working on my outside running game as I know running among the elements is totally different. However, I’ve been hit with the sickness that will not leave so it’s not going well. Before the plague hit, I ran/walked 3 miles outside and was able to keep my pace at around the 12 minute mile mark. Let’s just say my dislike of outside running is still strong. I do not get how you people do it. I ran at dusk one Sunday and it was about 60 degrees on this particular evening so I wore a long sleeve shirt. With a mix of Miley and Britney blaring, I was really excited about how well my pace was going and at around the mile 1 mark the sweating started. I instinctively used my sleeve to wipe my forehead and kept running. Soon thereafter, my nose started running because of the cold (and impending plague that will hit me the very next day) and I instinctively used my sleeve to wipe my nose. Eventually, I realize I’m using the same sleeve each time and now there is a mixture of sweat and snot all over my face. Super cute, right? Disgusting. Normally, at the gym, it’s a cozy temperature and I can use my towel, which is neatly folded on the top of my treadmill, to wipe my forehead. Maybe I should invest in a utility belt for outside running. One pocket for tissues, a hook for a towel, a pocket for Chapstick and my key, and perhaps a holder for a tiny flask of water. I could always start training Oliver for running and make him wear a backpack. He would be a terrible running partner with his short legs but he would be extremely cute with a backpack. I’m thinking a bold stripe or plaid print. Anyway…I did brave the gym for the first time in over a week on Tuesday and was able to mildly breathe. I clocked in 2 miles of run/walk and had a really slow time. My body is still recovering and it’s demanding I rest. I have severely backed off of the gym and am getting more rest days but I can feel myself losing muscle density. Yesterday, I did a light leg day and am really feeling it this morning.  Why is it that you miss 1 week at the gym and it's like you haven't been in a year?  It's so incredibly frustrating that such a short amount of time can undo all the triumphs you've had.  The struggle of sickness is real and is a huge deterrent for stepping up my game. Hopefully, I’ll be back on top soon!

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