Thursday, January 1, 2015

Step Up My Game and Don’t (bleep) Up

Welcome to 2015, loves!  I hope everyone rang in the New Year with fireworks, booze and high hopes.  My resolution for 2014 was to do more of the things I love and make me happy- writing (check), baking (not so much), have fun (double check).  For the first time in I’m not sure how long I didn’t resolve to lose weight.  By George, it actually worked!  I’m telling y’all, this reverse wish and resolution thing has something to it!  For 2015, my New Year’s resolution will be to step up my game.  With my year anniversary approaching, I’m moving on to phase 2 of my journey.  Details will be coming soon but for now I label it as stepping up my game.  I’m increasing workouts, changing my eating and plowing ahead to make goals.

I’m EXTREMELY excited to report that I have signed up for my first 10K.  Usually, you’re supposed to start with a 5K but go big or go home.  I’m also not running the entire 6.2 miles as it will be more of a run-slash-walk with my best friend who will be 7 months pregnant at race time.  This will definitely help take some pressure off because I’m not fast, at all, but I am lapping the Sarah of last year.  Training to run outside in the elements starts NOW.  Pray for me, friends.

In 2015, I also hope to change a few habits that I really need to get under control.  I’m resolving to lessen my cursing.  I’m not cutting cold turkey as I believe that will be asking for me to fail.  I have a lot of new babies coming into my life this year and I want to set a good example for them.  I still stand by my theory that sometimes a moment dictates a properly placed F-bomb, but I promise to try really hard to choose words that reflect my intellect and extensive vocabulary because I am a lady.  Sometimes.  I think you get it.  I have offered up to my friends the opportunity to punch me in the arm when I fail, which thrills them to no end.

CHALLENGE TIME!  It’s January and I need to get my STUFF (nudge, nudge) together.  For January, I’ll be doing a butt challenge because I’ve gotten huge booty gains over the last few months and want to keep progressing.  Click here to get help with any of the moves.

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