Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cookie Debacle 2015

I’m in a food mood this week so you’re getting another post about it. I’ve had some amazing food finds over the last several days and I’m all about sharing (secrets, not actual food…get your own). I mostly get food and brand recommendations from the accounts I follow on Instagram, which requires me to search online for retailers near me or scour stores. Unfortunately, one of the finds and a new cookie recipe were deemed TOO GOOD and I’m not allowed to purchase or make these items again. Deets below but it was bad. Like really bad.

Wink Desserts-CHANGE YOUR LIFE! From Instagram, I read about this faux ice cream that is soy free, dairy free, vegan, yaddah yaddah, all the things free. It’s made of pea protein, which sounds horrible but it’s an interesting little find. Each serving is 4g carbs, 1g fiber, ZERO sugars, ZERO fat, 2g protein and 25 calories. You can eat the whole pint for 100 calories. Bad news, anyone outside of Gainesville is SOL unless you order online. Ward’s Supermarket in Gainesville is the only store in the state of Florida to carry Wink. For a small fee, I’m willing to transport any to Orlando, which is where I know many of my readers live. I was only able to snag the cinnamon bun flavor because they were sold out of all the others. I am heading back to Ward’s weekly until I can get the others because they also make CAKE BATTER (yeah, I said it), choco-mint, cocoa-dough, iced latte and vanilla bean. You can order pints online for $8 but Ward’s sold them for $3.99. The cinnamon bun flavor is pretty good and I would describe the texture as icy not creamy.

Extra gum made a limited edition Spring flavor in confetti cake pop. Yep, that happened. It tastes just like vanilla birthday cake. I’ve never been a huge fan of dessert flavor gums because usually you want fresh breath and go mint but this can definitely help if you need to taste something sweet. Trident layers also released a new jelly bean flavor. I bet you’re wondering, “What flavor jelly bean?” I had the same reaction as Trident believes that all jelly beans taste alike. I skipped around the pack thinking maybe Trident is playing the you-never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get game, which was false and all pieces are the same flavor. The middle layer is sour so be forewarned and makes the entire piece of gum taste like green apple. I’ll donate a pack to anyone dying to try this because I will only use in emergency situations. I’ve only been able to find either of these gums at Target.

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop (my favorite popcorn brand) released 2 limited edition flavors in honor of spring. While browsing the aisle at Target, I stumbled upon the first, which is lemon drop. As I excitedly reached for the bag, I realized that there was a blank space to the right and looked to the back of the shelf. There sat 2 lonely bags of FROSTED SUGAR COOKIE. I almost peed my pants in excitement. These bags are smaller than their normal with only 3 servings of 28g each. Pretty sure this popcorn is illegal because it HAS to be made with crack! Angie took her normal kettle corn and drizzled on vanilla crack frosting and dusted the kernels with purple sugar sprinkles. If you have a problem with portion control, like yours truly, break out your scale and make your own serving-size baggies. Otherwise, after about 5 minutes, you’ll reach the bottom of the bag with your hand covered in kernels and sprinkles wondering, “What happened?” Been there, done that, we’re getting t-shirts. I ended up not buying the lemon drop flavor and have extreme regret but there’s always a Target trip in my future.

Thomas’ English muffins released a limited edition BANANA BREAD flavor. I saw it on Instagram (duh) and about fell out of my chair. This was one of the easiest finds as my normal Publix grocery had them in stock. Upon researching Thomas’ to write this snippet for you, dear reader, I discovered that they also made a pumpkin spice flavor that I apparently missed. Disappointed party of 1. These muffins smell like homemade banana bread. Thomas’ doesn’t use any artificial flavoring, which I support because fake banana flavor is disgusting but can be a negative because the muffins only have a faint flavor of banana bread. They’re still A+ in my book. Each muffin is 29g carbs, 4g sugars, 1g fiber, 5g protein, 1g fat and 150 calories. Realistically, the better option for English muffin would be the light multi-grain one, which is 26g carbs, 8g fiber, 1g sugar, 5g protein, 1g fat and 100 calories. However, I’d prefer to not eat the English muffin. The only reason for this purchase was the banana bread flavor (and a potential blog post!). I can also say they taste amazing with cream cheese, butter or peanut butter on top.

I have not yet succumb to the temptation of the red velvet Oreo craze, mostly because I can’t find them, and am pretty proud of myself! I do LOVE red velvet and while browsing Walgreens candy aisle (I was lost?) the other day I found Whitman’s candies makes Weight Watchers endorsed bite size packs of red velvet center chocolates. Again, I almost peed my pants in excitement. Each little pouch contains 5-6 chocolates and pack 15g carbs, 5g sugars, 1g protein, 1g fiber, 7g fat and 110 calories. Now, this is not a great snack because it is a VERY small portion for such carbs but is definitely a saving grace when you’re having one of those jump-off-the-cliff-if-I-don’t-get-chocolate moments. Those jerks at Russell Stover, a partner of Whitman’s, makes a birthday cake egg for Easter that I found while browsing Target. Maybe I need to stop going to Target? Nah. Anyway, I’m not sure if this is a new thing because while researching to report on these I discovered they also make carrot cake eggs, wedding cake eggs, chocolate wedding cake eggs, cookie dough eggs, brownie eggs and RED VELVET EGGS. I basically hate this company. But, in addition, I was able to find that they do make birthday cake candies in sugar free and will be heading to all the stores to find them. The birthday cake egg was amazing and a gateway drug so I am not allowed to purchase one again.

This egg leads me to the great cookie debacle of last week. I found a recipe for low carb, gluten free, other things free chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest. Armed with supplies like coconut oil and oat flour, I decided to give them a try. BIG MISTAKE. These cookies were amazing. The coconut oil gives them a hint of the islands, the oat flour makes them dense but crumbly and the chocolate chips were on point. Then why the regret? Because I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting. No exaggeration.  I popped 2 cookies in my mouth before deciding to figure out the nutrition facts on them. After logging all of the ingredients into the My Fitness Pal app, it calculated that each cookie had 129 calories and 11g carbs. EXCUSE? These weren’t giant cookies, they were very normal size. The cup of coconut oil required is 960 calories and the oat flour called for is 721 calories and I only got 20 cookies from the dough. As I snatched and devoured 3 more cookies from the cooling rack, I fell back into old Sarah habits. I put the rest of the cookies into sealed bags and went to bed. After sharing 2 with a friend and eating 4 more the next day, it was time for the rest of the batch to die. I couldn’t fathom the calories I’d just consumed. I smashed the bags in my hands, making cookie crumbles, and emptied them into the trash. It was sad but 100 percent necessary. I’m going to play with the recipe a bit and see if I can get the calorie count down because I need to stop daydreaming about these cookies.

I apologize for the long post but y’all know I can talk about food for days. Takeaways for your Wednesday…

1. Figure out the nutrition facts BEFORE making the recipe.
2. Coconut oil makes everything taste better.
3. Read labels and be on the lookout for great food finds!
4. Avoid Target.
5. I will purchase anything with the words, "birthday," "cake," "cupcake," "confetti," "batter," "frosted," "sugar," "sprinkles," or any combinations of these words.  Sucker.

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