Friday, February 20, 2015

That Awkward Moment

I’ve been pretty quiet about my newest gym boyfriend but it’s getting serious so it’s time I told you guys about him. Also, I’m a walking awkward moment and of course this has gotten me some blog-worthy moments. It all started when I was on the glute machine (it’s like a standing donkey kick but you’re slightly bent over with your elbows and chest resting on pads) and boy was DIRECTLY behind me working the lat pull. Kill me. Not only am I sweating profusely all over this machine but his eye-line view is me in this horribly awkward position. Fantastic. And yes, I cleaned the machine after use. A few weeks later, I’m using the Smith machine to do chest presses and boy is walking toward me. I try to coolly lay down on the bench but have to swing myself under the bar. I misjudged the swoop distance and smacked my head on the bar just in time for him to pass by. Strike two. Then today happened. Boy was walking out when I was walking in (super disappointing and waste of a cute outfit) and he held the door for me when I was quite a distance away. See, it’s getting serious! I said, “Thank you,” in my squeaky-excited voice and he said, “Enjoy your workout.” It could have ended there and should have but out of habit I replied, “You, too!” As the door to the gym closed between us, I realized that I just told the boy LEAVING the gym to enjoy his (already finished) workout and am instantly flushed. I understand this happens a lot-- to the movie ticket seller who tells you, “Enjoy your movie,” or the server who wants you to, “Enjoy your dinner.” “You, too” is just such a common response but it’s so embarrassing when ill placed.  Well done, Sarah.  It's better he finds out now how awkward I am because if he's going to willingly enter into this gym relationship then he needs to know what's headed his way.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Make good choices!

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OH M GEEEEE! I love this so much! #getitgirl