Monday, April 6, 2015

The Knee Bone's Connected to The

Hey, collar bone!
A new discovery has been made, I HAVE BONES!  I know, it's crazy, right?  Okay, sure, I knew they were in there somewhere but now I can actually see them!  I have a collar bone, hips, wrists and hand bones.  I can trace the outlines of the bones in my knees, shoulders and down my sternum.  I finally have the ability to count how many ribs I have.  I'm seriously concerned about the size of my rib cage.  It seems abnormally large.  Maybe I am just big boned after all?

Now that I'm less squishy, I'm obviously not a very good pillow.  I think my dog, Oliver, is offended by my bones, which are in the way of his nestling place.  A friend recently rested her head on my shoulder and complained that I was super bony now that I'm not fat.  My marshmallow exterior is gone and I'm developing a frame.

Make no bones about it, progress is progress.  I still have a long way to go but I'm loving these new developments!

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