Monday, April 6, 2015

Traveling (Wo)man

Look how much seat belt is left!
This past year and a half have been completely insane and I've been traveling so much for weddings, work and getaways.  It's amazing how traveling can help quantify how far I've come as new Sarah.  I'll never forget my first plane ride after starting my weight-loss journey.  It was nearly a year ago and I was flying to my best friend's wedding.  I was flying to an extremely small airport in Virginia and small airports mean small planes, which means even smaller than normal seats.  For the first time in my adult life I was, relatively, comfortable on an airplane.  I boarded, took my seat and couldn't believe how roomy it was!  Fitting in that seat really put into perspective how far I had come.  Present day, I've doubled my weight loss since that flight and have so much less anxiety about flying.  A few years ago, I would dread the center seat and when I lost a bet with karma and got stuck in one I would have to cross my arms the whole flight in order to not spill over onto the people next to me.  My hips (and ass) would pressure the arm rest upward and I would fight to push it down hoping the strangers didn't notice.  Don't even get me started on the seat belt, which was always maxed out and still cutting off circulation to my legs.  It is such a relief to be an average size now.  Flying takes on a whole new outlook because I don't have the stress over being jammed into a seat that I didn't fit into.

Have you ever noticed how small hotel towels are?  Nope, you probably haven't if you're not overweight!  I used to pack my own towel on every trip I took.  It didn't matter where the trip was to or how long I was going for, I had to make room to pack a towel.  All because I couldn't fit in a normal size towel.  It was basically like trying to dry off with a washcloth.  It's so embarrassing to admit to you guys but it's the truth.  I now have more room in my suitcase for clothing and shoes because my BYOT days are over!

I'd like to tell you about how I'm able to pack lighter and bring a smaller suitcase nowadays but that's 100 percent false.  I convinced myself that on this last trip to NY I would be able to have a smaller bag because my clothes are so much smaller now.  Ha!  What a joke.  I was still at max capacity with my 48 lb. bag.  I guess it had nothing to do with the size of my clothes, I just over pack.  I think it's hereditary.  Listen, a girl has to have her essentials.  I will NEVER be the girl who just travels with a carry-on bag.  I can't even fit my hair products into a quart size bag let alone all the liquids I need for a trip.  It takes a lot to look this good, okay?

I'm searching for my next getaway destination as I usually like to have something to look forward to.  For now, I'll celebrate my travel victories and continue to discover why life as a lighter person is so much better.


Unknown said...

This is awesome Skinny Sa-Sa-Sarah!!!!! As always, #TeamBennett is oh so very proud of you!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, #TeamBennett!! I hope you both are doing well!