Friday, May 15, 2015

A+ Student

I've officially been attending my weight loss clinic for 69 weeks.  I actually had to go back and count because I don't really keep track of these things anymore.  Last year, I could tell you what week I was on, I kept a weekly log of my measurements and weight, and I took photos of myself every month.  All of that has fallen by the wayside.  Why?  Because it doesn't matter anymore.  I was obsessed with the numbers of weight loss but now it's more about looking good and FEELING good.  As long as my clothes are fitting (or getting loose) and I'm seeing results on the scale, I'm totally okay with not knowing my waist size or documenting what I look like in my undies.

I went for my monthly appointment yesterday and discovered that I am an A+ student.  I saw a new dietitian as my appointment was later in the day and she was SO impressed by my success.  She told me that she's never seen anyone who has attended the place this long and not gained weight.  She said most come and go, losing and gaining, over the span of months, years, etc.  She was super impressed and basically called me a star student.  I've always been good at school!  I lost 3 lbs. this past month and finally hit the 90 lb. mark on their scale.  Remember, I report my scale findings from home because I weigh first thing in the morning and naked.  :)  At the clinic, that's frowned upon so I'm consistently 3 lbs. heavier according to their scale.  Breakfast, snacks, clothes and shoes weigh a lot, people!

I've been feeling REALLY good lately and I'm actually up weight due to some last minute vacationing the last two weekends.  Otherwise, it would have been a STELLAR month on the scale.  I'm back on the grind as I have another getaway planned in two weeks and I want to be back down.  I'm really focusing on portion control and fat content as of late.  I've been really good about tracking my food and trying to hit my macros every day.  Reminder--macros are the portions of carbs, fats & proteins that make up the calories we consume.  I'm really feeling this way of eating and have seen proof of it working if you're diligent and consistent.  I've been super anxious about a lot of stuff the last few weeks so I've been fitting in extra gym time, too.  Oh, it's 3:30 a.m. and you can't sleep, Sarah?  Well, get up and go to the gym.  Okay, so that only happened like 3 times but I was able to get in such amazing workouts that early.  There weren't people in my way and I could stay longer.  It's time to get summer body ready as it's already hotter than Hades here in Florida.  Bathing suits are unforgiving and this girl doesn't want to cover up at the pool anymore.

The takeaway from today's post (I promise there are a few):
1.  Keep going, even when you feel like you can't anymore or want to give up, DON'T.  This shit takes time.
2.  If you're struggling, plan a small goal for yourself like a last minute trip to Disney World, a new bathing suit or a beach day.  It'll not only give you something to look forward to but it might help push you to stay focused.
3.  It cannot be one or the other--you have to put in time at the gym AND eat right.  BALANCE, peeps!
4.  I'm a success story and YOU CAN BE, TOO.  I shouldn't be such a shining example at the clinic because I haven't done anything that others can't.  I just didn't ever give up (see #1).

Happy Friday, yay weekend, make good choices!

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