Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Don't Know How She Does It

It’s confession time, y’all--the juggle struggle is real. I’m having an extremely hard time juggling all of the stuff going on in life right now: gym, eating right, single-mom hood to Oliver, dating, work, blogging, personal life, etc. I’m up about 6 lbs. right now and am feeling awful and disgusting. It’s AMAZING how different what used to be a few pounds feels like. I can see this weight gain in my face, I feel it in my gut and am severely aware of it when my new shorts are cutting into my muffin top. Six pounds used to be no big deal but nowadays it’s HUGE! And so am I. My work is a little out of control lately and I’ve traveled out of town at least once during the last 4 weeks. I’ve been grabbing food on the run and barely getting in gym time. I’m embarrassed and cannot seem to get a handle on it. Dessert one night has turned into dessert every night. Fast food one day lead to fast food multiple days. It’s disgusting and I hate admitting it but I know that some of you can relate.

I feel like life is going in waves, I’ll be feeling so amazing and then ruin all of it in a few days. I’m back on track today and started a juice cleanse again. I’m only doing 2 days and this first day is a little different. I’ll report on it later this week when it’s over to let you know how it went. I’m hoping this baby cleanse will help clear the bloat in my gut and make me feel a little better leading into the weekend. I have a cruise coming up in a few weeks and would like to hit a certain number before embarking. I have to motivate myself because I want to look good in my cute new suit and not feel guilty if I indulge a little when I’m on the high seas.

Lifestyle changes are hard and I know I’ve said before how I’m in awe of people with children who are able to juggle so much. I’m learning and trying to improve but I think it’s going to take a little time. Life might be insane but I’m always thinking about the blog. I think I spoiled everyone with my frequent postings in the beginning and I’m having trouble keeping up. Thank you, as usual, for your continued reading and support!!

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