Monday, May 11, 2015

Where Are You Goaling?

There’s a regular at the gym who frequently chats me up at the free weights. He says hi every morning and sometimes comments on what I’m doing, “Keep going, girl.” Last week, guy came up to me and commented on how much weight I’ve lost. I said thank you and kept on with my routine. He said, “What’s your name?” I told him, he introduced himself and then he said, “What’s your goal, Sarah?” Being put on the spot isn’t my best and I’m trying to count reps here so my response was, “To keep going.” I’ve lost sight of my goals the last few months and have nothing to blame it on but myself. I decided that this journey would have to be woven with my real life. Yes, I’ve still been dedicated to the gym but my routines could use a refresh. Yes, I’ve still balanced my eating with a 90 percent on, 10 percent off vibe. I haven’t derailed and I’m still losing weight but I’ve lost my focus. My goal for 2015 was to step up my game and guy at the gym reminded me that I don’t really have a quantifiable goal that I’m working toward. That changes now. I have 30 weeks until my birthday and I want to lose 30 additional lbs. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to require a lot of food adjustment but I think once I dip below that 170 lb. mark, I’ll be comfortable with where I’m at. I’m declaring it out there to you, my blog world, so that you can help me get to where I’m going. It’s important to not lose sight of where you’re going. Remember, if you’re not working toward a goal how will you know once you’ve reached something great? I thought I was satisfied with just allowing my body to take it’s time but I’m not and I’m growing evermore impatient. Week 1—here I go!

I’ve been a SUPA slacker lately on blogging and on my Supa Proud Award. I know it’s not Wednesday but I just can’t wait. This week (and all the weeks, honestly) I’m supa proud of my friend Alex. Alex is a fellow chooser of happiness and has really taken life into her own hands recently. Alex- I LOVE YOU. You always say that I inspire you but you, dear friend, inspire me to infinity and beyond. You sought out the life you wanted and continue to aspire to greatness (and Snap Chat fame). Life would be less hilarious without you in it. Please never lose that spark that makes you amazing. In your honor, I end with several hashtags that are supa appropriate. #choosehappiness #beyoubegreat #perfectlyimperfect #makegoodchoices #prom2012 #bluedranks


Kate said...

YAY! So glad to check on here and find a blog!

I've noticed such a difference having a goal to work towards. Especially in the gym at 6am when I just want to go back to bed! ha!

My goal right now was SERIOUSLY inspired by your aeroplane seatbelt picture. I want THAT!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kate! Hopefully I can share soon why posts have been so sporadic! I'm so excited that you're getting in early morning gym time! It sucks at first but really is the greatest! You will have that seat belt picture, girl!