Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Things Are A Changin'

Those of you who know me really well know that I HATE CHANGE. I’m a creature of habit and change stresses me the eff out. Lots of things, exciting things, are changing. As you can tell from my last post, I’m a homeowner! I’ve been at the same apartment for 7 years. I shop at the same Publix, I go to my gym, I have my zone in Gainesville that I thrive in. All of this is completely thrown off by the move. I will have a new Publix, I have to change gyms (I’m currently shopping), and I’m living in another city, technically. This move was a huge leap out of my comfort zone and I’m actually very proud of myself for taking it.

My hesitation to change got me to 291 lbs. I was “afraid” to lose weight because I would have to buy a new wardrobe (heaven forbid my size 24 orange pea coat wouldn’t fit anymore). I was so uncomfortably comfortable in my fat shell. It was part of my identity, much like my red hair, and I rationalized that it would forever define me. There was always an excuse to get me out of losing weight and the excuses multiplied as the years dragged on. It all boiled down to too much work and too much change for my psyche to handle.  I'm still so thankful for the day I decided to face my fear of change and got my booty in gear.

I’ve been in the house over a week and I’m starting to settle into the new strides of life. I have a new (and longer) commute, I’ve shopped at my new Publix twice, and I’m loving the quiet life inside my new neighborhood. I am slowly realizing that I may need to purchase a pickup truck because, well, I kinda moved to the country. My neighborhood has 2 roosters to prove it.

This week I was reminded that I am capable of change. I need to make some more changes but it's about baby steps y'all.  Get out of your comfort zone, change those bad habits, and have courage to face fears.

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